Dave Navarro turns 56 today

One of the first Alternative Rock guitar heroes

Dave Navarro turns 56 today

David Michael Navarro was born on June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, California, his paternal grandfathers were Mexican immigrants and his grandfather Gabriel Navarro was close friends with Mexican silent film actor Ramón Novarro, who allegedly adopted his artistic surname. In 1983, Dave Navarro’s mother was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, John Riccardi, he has talked about this several times and how did it shape his life. Since the early 1990’s that Dave has been one of the leading figures in Alternative Rock and has been a member of several successful bands including Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but Navarro was never afraid to venture himself beyond the Alternative Rock scene. Over the years he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Janet Jackson, P.Diddy, Christina Aguilera, Gene Simmons, Tommy Lee, Marilyn Manson and he plays lead guitar on “You Oughta Know” from Alanis Morissette 1995 album “Jagged Little Pill”. Dave Navarro has been married three times, his longest marriage was with actress and model Carmen Electra from 2003 to 2007. In recent years Navarro also has starred in several Reality and Talent Shows on TV, including Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova, and as the host and one of the judges on Ink Master, an American tattoo competition reality show now in its tenth season on Spike. As an actor, he recently appeared in four episodes of the FX drama Sons of Anarchy. Dave Navarro turns 56 today.

Watch this awesome live video of Jane’s Addiction featuring Dave Navarro playing “Been Caught Stealing” captured by a Go Pro live at Uproar Festival in 2013

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