“You Better Work!” 30 years ago today “Supermodel of the World” was released

Once upon a time, “Supermodel of the World” was released and birthed a drag icon

“You Better Work!” 30 years ago today “Supermodel of the World” was released

30 years ago today RuPaul’s “Supermodel of the World” was released on June 8, 1993, by Tommy Boy Records and represents the birth of an icon. The film “Paris Is Burning” had been released a few years prior, and drag culture was becoming more widely known across the world; even prior to the album, RuPaul had a following in the UK as well as America. The release of “Supermodel of the World”, however, brought her exposure to a whole new level; the art of drag was truly beginning to enter the mainstream. RuPaul’s hit single off the album “Supermodel (You Better Work)” broke through into mainstream media, coining the now iconic line “You Better Work.” The music video got an unexpectedly positive response, even being aired on MTV and debuting at number 45 on Billboard and was an even bigger hit in the UK, reaching #39 on their Singles chart. Where the tracked shined the brightest though was on the Dance charts, where it just missed out on #1, stalling out at #2.

By Ken Warren, 2017/18

Look back at RuPaul’s 1993 hit “Supermodel (You Better Work)”

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