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The Paul McCartney Top 15 Songs

Paul McCartney was born 81 years ago today

Top 15 Paul McCartney songs

Sir James Paul McCartney is one of the very few people on the planet that barely needs any introduction. The former Beatle was born on 18 June 1942 in Liverpool, England. With The Beatles, Paul McCartney wrote some of the best songs of his career. Since The Beatles disbanded in 1970, his talent as a solo performer, singer and songwriter, continues to give the world more wonderful and influential music, being as a songwriter, as a singer or in duet with other great voices of our time, in a career that lasts to this day as one of the world’s most famous and beloved artists, even if there are still some who don’t believe he is the “real” McCartney. In 1969, the hoax “Paul Is Dead” claiming the real Paul McCartney had died and was replaced by an impersonator in order to cover it up, and the whole history of it was coded on The Beatles lyrics and album covers, took such a big dimension that to this day it’s one of the most studied and discussed conspiracy theories. We celebrate Paul’s 81st birthday today with his Top 15 non-Beatles related songs. Happy Birthday Paul.

15 – “We All Stand Together” with The Frog Chorus, 1983

14 – “Coming Up”, 1980

13 – “Tug of War”, 1982

12 – “Mull of Kintyre” with Wings, 1977

11 – “Heal the Pain” with George Michael, 2008

10 – “Hope of Deliverance”, 1993

9 – “The Girl Is Mine” with Michael Jackson, 1982

8 – “Say Say Say”, 1983

7 – “Queenie Eye”, 2013

6 – “Ebony and Ivory” with Stevie Wonder, 1982

5 – “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five” with Wings, 1973

4 – “No More Lonely Nights”, 1984

3 – “Another Day”, 1971

2 – “Band on the Run” with Wings, 1973

1 – “Live and Let Die” with Wings, 1973


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