Boys on film: Top 15 Duran Duran songs and music videos with John Taylor who turns 63 today

The 1980’s Pop star was born on this day in 1960

Boys on film: Top 15 Duran Duran songs and music videos with John Taylor who turns 63 today

Nigel John Taylor, known to the world as John Taylor, was born on June 20, 1960 in Warwickshire, England. Bass guitarist for Duran Duran that he co-founded in 1978, Taylor it’s one of the most successful figures to come out of the 1980’s New Wave and New Romantic movement. Duran Duran, perhaps the best good looking band of the decade, gained worldwide popularity with the help (not only of their good looks) but with a string of music videos that aired regularly all over the planet during an era ruled by MTV. With Duran Duran, Taylor scored several hits, some of the most defining 1980’s Pop Rock songs which included “Save A Prayer”, “Rio”, “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Planet Earth”, “Is There Something I Should Know?”, “The Reflex” and “The Wild Boys” among many others. John Taylor remains an active member of Duran Duran to this day after some solo adventures that begun first during the mid 1980’s, and also side bands such as The Power Station. To celebrate this Pop icon 63rd anniversary, we look back at Duran Duran Top 15 songs and music videos.

15 – “Skin Trade”, 1986

14 – “Union of the Snake”, 1983

13 – “New Moon on Monday”, 1983

12 – “Notorious”, 1986

11 – “Electric Barbarella”, 1997

10 -“Careless Memories”, 1981

9 – “Ordinary World”, 1993

8 – “Planet Earth”, 1981

7 – “Girls on Film”, 1981

6 – “The Reflex”, 1983

5 – “The Wild Boys”, 1984

4 – “Is There Something I Should Know?”, 1981

3 -“Hungry Like the Wolf”, 1982

2 – “Rio”, 1982

1 – “Save a Prayer”, 1982


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