Bronski Beat and The Communards lead singer Jimmy Somerville turns 62 today

One of Pop’s most unique vocals

Bronski Beat and The Communards lead singer Jimmy Somerville turns 62 today

Jimmy Somweville owns one of Pop’s most unique vocals. With his powerful and soulful countertenor/falsetto singing voice, he has scored several Pop hits since the 1980’s, when he first became famous as the lead singer for synthpop group Bronski Beat, which he co-founded in 1983. Their biggest hit was “Smalltown Boy”, co-written by Somerville, where he talks of his own life experiences as a gay teenager in a small town and moving later to London. James William Somerville was born in Glasgow, Scotland on June 22, 1961. He moved to London in 1980 where he soon started Bronski Beat. But despite the success of the band, Somerville left in 1985 to form The Communards with classically trained pianist Richard Coles. The duo scored several hits during their time together, their signature song is a cover of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, that peaked to No.1 in many European countries in 1986. Other hits included “So Cold The Night” and another cover, “Never Can Say Goodbye”. The Communards disbanded in 1988 and Sommerville went on to have a successful solo career scoring hits such as cover of Sylvester’s disco classic “You Make Me Feel” and a cover of “Comment te dire adieu?”. Despite making his most memorable work back in the 1980’s with Bronski Beat and The Communards, Somerville remains a relevant figure on the international music panorama. Today he turns 62.

Look back at the 1984 music video “Smalltown Boy” by the Bronski Beat

Also watch the 1986 music video for The Communards hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

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