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The Hollywood’s Golden Age legend Olivia de Havilland was born on this day in 1916

The British actress was among the last surviving movie stars of the “Hollywood’s Golden Age” when she passed at age 104 in 2020.She starred in movies such as “The Adventures of Robin Hood” and “Gone with the Wind”

The Hollywood’s Golden Age legend Olivia de Havilland was born on this day in 1916

She was born in Tokyo, Japan from British parents on July 1, 1916.  Olivia was raised to appreciate the arts including ballet lessons at the age of four and piano lessons a year later, and by the time she was six she already knew how to read. Her mother, who occasionally taught drama, music, and elocution, had her reciting passages from Shakespeare to strengthen her diction. These events shaped Olivia in the talented actress she became. She first came to prominence in 1935 as a screen couple with Errol Flynn in adventure films including “Captain Blood” and “The Adventures of Robin Hood”. In 1939 she starred in what is still considered the roles she’s best remembered for, Melanie Hamilton in the Hollywood timeless classic “Gone with the Wind”. But it was during the 1940’s her acting skills led her to play several awarded leading roles, most notably the Academy Awards for Best Actress in the 1946 “To Each His Own” and the 1949 “The Heiress”. She was also nominated for the 1948 cult classic “Snake Pit” but didn’t got the award, however, she got three Best actress awards for that same role at the Venice Film Festival Volpi Cup, the National Board of Review Award and the New York Film Critics Circle Award. Olivia de Havilland first moved to Paris, France in 1953, where she end up establishing  residence. She eventually retired after working in several other movies and TV series including the 1979 “Roots: The Next Generation”. But despite being retired, Havilland always remained active in the film community; in 2003, she appeared as a presenter at the 75th Academy Awards, earning a six and a half minute standing ovation upon her entrance Among many recognition’s and awards by countries such as France and the U.S, in June 2017, two weeks before her 101st birthday, de Havilland was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2017 Birthday Honours for services to drama by Queen Elizabeth II, making her the oldest woman ever to receive the honor. Olivia de Havilland passed away at age 104 on July 26. 2020.  The actress, who had just celebrated her 104th birthday earlier that month,  was among the last surviving movie stars of the “Hollywood’s Golden Age”.

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