The Beach Boys get their first No.1 hit in 1964 with “I Get Around”

The song is now an absolute classic regarded as one of the 1960’s most recognizable songs and in the UK a little help from a very famous Rocker helped to boost the band’s popularity

The Beach Boys get their first No.1 hit in 1964 with “I Get Around”

On May 11, 1964 The Beach Boys released the single “I Get Around”, backed with “Don’t Worry Baby”, one of the 1960’s most recognizable songs. “I Get Around” was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, released as the follow up to “Fun Fun Fun”, but before was first included on the 1964 album “All Summer Long”. Despite the record being available both in mono and stereo formats, “I Get Around” and “All Summer Long” were never originally mixed in stereo and only received its first official stereo mix on the 2012 reissue of the album, a mix created by utilizing new DES (Digitally Extracted Stereo) technology due to the multitrack session tapes for the second vocal and guitar solo overdub being missing. The Beach Boys, then already a well known and successful new band in the U.S, became worldwide superstars upon the release of “I Get Around”, and in the U.K they owe it partially to Mick Jagger, that while appearing on the UK TV show “Ready Steady Go!”, stated it was one of his favorite records, boosting the band’s record sales in the UK and giving them an entry at the Top 10 singles chart. In the U.S, became their first No.1 on July 4, 1964 at the Hot 100. In 2017, “I Get Around” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Look back at the Beach Boys performing “I Get Around” in 1964

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