Singer Joan Osborne turns 61 today

She is best remembered by her 1995 hit “One Of Us”

Singer Joan Osborne turns 61 today

Originally from Anchorage, Kentucky where she was born on July 8, 1962, Joan Osborne moved to New York City in the late 1980’s, where she formed her own record label, Womanly Hips, to release a few independent recordings. It wasn’t up until 1995 that she achieved popularity with her worldwide hit “One Of Us”. Despite continuing to tour and record new music, Osborne was never able to replicate the success of “One Of Us”, a song that remains popular to this day and a 1990’s classic. She is often considered a “one hit wonder” and her only album to achieve the Top 10 position was “Relish”, released in 1995 that features her smash hit “One Of Us”. Joan Osborne’s latest albums are “Songs of Bob Dylan” released on her label Womanly Hips in 2017 and Radio Waves released in 2022. She turns 61 today.

Look back at the 1995 music video for “One Of Us” by Joan Osborne

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