The Scottish singer Jim Kerr turns 64 today

As the singer for the Simple Minds he scored hits such as “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

The Scottish singer Jim Kerr turns 64 today

Born on July 9, 1959 in Glasgow, Scotland, Jim Kerr is one of the 1980’s New Wave and Pop survivors. He formed Simple Minds in 1977, first as a Punk Rock band, but later mutated into a New Wave/Pop band. During the 1980’s, as the singer for Simple Minds, Kerr gave voice to memorable songs such as “Alive And Kicking” and “Don’t You (Forget About Me). He was married with The Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde until they divorced in 1990. Kerr also adventured himself on a solo career, but it’s still with Simple Minds that he keeps achieving the biggest success as the band are still together to this day. He turns 64 today.

Look back at the 1985 music video “Don’t You (Forget About Me” by Simple Minds

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