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The Top 10 Most Popular Hole songs

One of the most controversial Rockers of all time, the Grunge Queen Courtney Love turns 59

The Top 10 Most Popular Hole songs

One of the most controversial Rockers of all time, the Grunge Queen Courtney Love was born on July 9, 1964 in San Francisco, California. A lifetime of scandal and controversy that famously saw her marriage with Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain in 1992 and the rough follow up of it after Cobain committed suicide in 1994, leaving Love to raise their daughter Frances Bean. Courtney Love’s career started back in the 1980’s when she was aiming to be an actress, but soon, she found out her vocation for music. Before that, she traveled Europe and Asia where she worked as a stripper and performer in Spain and Japan. After returning to the U.S, and passing through bands such as Faith No More and Babes In Toyland, Love formed Hole in Los Angeles. The band quickly became one of the most praised Alternative Rock acts at the time. Their first album, “Pretty On The Inside” released in 1991 was produced by Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, but it was with the 1994 major label debut “Live Through This”, that Courtney and Hole reached a bigger audience with a blend of alternative, grunge and melodic Rock songs such as “Doll Parts”, and controversy aside, despite accusations of the album being written by her late husband Kurt Cobain, it’s indeed one of the best Alternative Rock albums of the 90’s, which could had never sound the same without Love’s rough vocals. After Cobain’s suicide, Love went off the rails, but was able to rise up and reinvent herself as an actress, getting top Hollywood roles on movies such as “The People Vs. Larry Fling”. At the same time Hole released perhaps their most commercial album, “Celebrity Skin”, in 1998. With it, the band scored several mainstream Rock hits for the first time, including “Malibu” and “Celebrity Skin”. Courtney released her debut solo album “America’s Sweetheart” in 2004, however, it was a commercial failure. In 2010, she released “Nobody’s Daughter” under the name Hole, although none of the original members of the band were part of it except for her. Now far from the Grunge and crazy years, Love has sober up and does her occasional acting and music. Today she turns 59 and we countdown the Top 10 most popular Hole songs.

10 – “Garbadge Man”, 1991

9 – “Malibu”, 1998

8 – “Awful”, 1998

7 – “Best Sunday Dress”, officially released as a B-Side in 1998

6 – “Beautiful Son”, 1992

5 – “Old Age”, 1993

4 – “Miss World”, 1994

3 – “Celebrity Skin”, 1998

2 – “Violet”, 1994

1 – “Doll Parts”, 1994

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