In 1987 Heart scores the biggest hit of their career with “Alone”

The Wilson sisters band did a successful comeback to the charts during the 1980’s adopting a new approach that fit the decade

In 1987 Heart scores the biggest hit of their career with “Alone”

As most of the 1970’s Hard Rock bands, Heart made a transition into the 1980’s adopting all kinds of synthesizers. Despite the success of their 1970’s hits such as “Barracuda”, it took them until the mid 1980’s to top the world charts again with the 1985 songs “What About Love?” and “These Dreams”. Heart released “Alone” in May 1987 as the lead single of their album “Bad Animals”, backed with a live version of their signature song “Barracuda”. Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, who originally recorded it under the name i-Ten on their 1983 album “Taking a Cold Look”. The power ballad stands today as one of the 1980’s most memorable songs, featuring also the song co-author Tom Kelly providing the high harmony parts on the record. On July 11, 1987 “Alone” by Heart peaked to No.1 at the US Hot 100 where it remained for three weeks, and it’s the Wilson sisters band biggest hit to date and was also a smash hit worldwide. Prior to Heart, the song was also covered by Valerie Stevenson and John Stamos, in their roles as Lisa Copley and Gino Minelli on the soundtrack of the CBS sitcom “Dreams” in 1984.

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