The Byrds Top 10 Songs

The founder and lead vocalist of The Byrds Roger McGuinn turns 81

The Byrds Top 10 Songs

Born in Chicago, Illinois on July 13, 1942, James Joseph McGuinn III, who later changed his name due to spiritual beliefs to Roger, was also raised in the “windy city”, but it was in California that he developed the music style that influenced several bands of the late 1960’s. As a member and lead vocalist of the Los Angeles band The Byrds, Roger scored several hit songs between 1965 and 1970. The band, who crossed influences from The Beatles to the folk scene of Bob Dylan, made an impact in the 1960’s Rock sound, due to Roger’s unique combination of ringing arpeggios based on banjo finger picking styles that came to be known as “jingle-jangle”, and later in their career a merging of free-jazz tonalities. The Byrds broke up in the early 1970’s, with several of it’s members following solo careers. Roger released several solo albums throughout the 1970’s and collaborated extensively with Bob Dylan as part of Dylan’s band in the studio and on tour. Despite the successful solo music career, McGuinn is still best remembered and praised by the work he done with The Byrds, timeless classic Rock songs that continue to benefit from airplay, featured in countless TV and movies soundtracks, and streamed around the world to this day. This music legend was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work with the Byrds in 1991. Now 81, we look back at The Byrds Top 10 songs.

10 – “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better”, 1965

9 – “5D (Fifth Dimension”, 1966

8 – “Everybody’s Been Burned”, 1967

7 – “Draft Morning”, 1968

6 – “All I Really Want to Do”, 1965

5 – “Chimes of Freedom” 1965

4 – “Eight Miles High”, 1966

4 – “Eight Miles High” (Live)

3 – “My Back Pages”, 1967

2- “Mr. Tambourine Man”, 1965

1 – “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, 1965

“Turn! Turn! Turn!”, 1965 (Live)

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