In 1967 David Bowie releases the single “Love You Till Tuesday”

Just like his 1967 self titled debut album and all his previous singles, it failed to break into the British charts

In 1967 David Bowie releases the single “Love You Till Tuesday”

It’s very well known that the talented David Bowie wasn’t too lucky during the beginning of his career. Aged only 20 but already with several singles released, David Bowie’ 1967 self-titled album, failed to chart and didn’t made much of a fuzz, despite some great Baroque-Psychedelic Pop songs on it. One of the best songs featured in the album “Love You till Tuesday”, was re-recorded with new vocals and arrangements in order to fit a proper single release.
Released on July 14, 1967, the song, just like the album and all his previous singles, failed to break into the British chart. However, it was praised by critics from Record Retailer, Record Mirror and Melody Maker. Not even his 1969 version of the song recorded in German as “Lieb’ Dich Bis Dienstag” helped the young Bowie and his cause. Also in 1969 he made a showpiece film titled “Love You till Tuesday” that featured several songs from his 1967 album, and also the new “Space Oddity”. Thankfully, Bowie never gave up and was able to gift us throughout his long and successful career with some of the best songs ever made. Despite now being considered a Bowie classic, “Love You Till Tuesday” remains an obscure track from a past that not even Bowie was too keen to remember.

Listen to the original 1967 Deram single version of “Love You Till Tuesday” by David Bowie

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