Former child and teen actor Corey Feldman turns 52

During the 1980’s, he starred in some of the decades most iconic movies

Former child and teen actor Corey Feldman turns 52

Born in Reseda, California on July 16, 1971, Corey Feldman had a successful acting career during the 1980’s, playing in some of the decades most iconic movies including “Gremlins”, “The Lost Boys” and “Stand By Me” among many others, in some, alongside the late Corey Haim (“License To Drive”), the teen acting pair was known then as “The Two Coreys”. In recent years Feldman has been in the headlines not as much for his acting skills or efforts to launch a music career, but for being outspoken against Hollywood’s film industry hidden child abuse, having stated that he himself was the victim of sexual abuse during the 1980’s. However, most of the time, Feldman, for several motives, has failed the goal of being taken serious by mainstream public in general and his music career (where most of the time he tries to emulate his former friend, the late Michael Jackson, which he accused of being a child abuser, doesn’t helps really. But his timeless and popular 1980’s roles will live on throughout the film history.

Look back at The Two Coreys back in their heyday in a scene of the 1987 movie “The Lost Boys”

Watch a Corey Feldman 2017 interview in the Today show

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