Motown legend Martha Reeves turns 82 today

With Martha and The Vandellas she scored several hits during the 1960’s including “Nowhere to Run” and “Dancing In The Street”

Motown legend Martha Reeves turns 82 today

Songs such as “Nowhere to Run” and “Dancing In The Street” are memorable and enduring pop hits to this day, since Martha Reeves first gave voice to them during the early 1960’s as the lead vocalist of Motown’s Marta and The Vandellas. She was born in Eufaula, Alabama on July 18, 1941, during the early 1960’s she helped background singers the Vandellas to ascend to Pop stars in a serious case of success that earned the band No.1 hits and distinguished them from contemporaries and label mates the Marvelettes, who preceded them, and the Supremes, who followed them. Aside of their most memorable songs “Nowhere To Run” and “Dancing In The Street”, they also scored big hits with “Come and Get These Memories”, “Heat Wave” and another 1960’s favorite “Jimmy Mack”. Just like the Supremes, Martha and The Vandellas also suffered line up changes throughout the years. By 1972, they disbanded after releasing their final album “Black Magic”. Martha Reeves went on to make her own solo career, not with many visibility or success as back in the 1960’s, but always rewarded, as it proves her 1995 induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame together with the Vandellas, and with a loyal following. After serving on the Detroit City Council from 2005 to 2009, Reeves returned to full-time performing, making several shows a year including a major tour of Australia in 2010. Today, at age 82, up until the Covid-19 restrictions, Martha still performed actively often with her Vandellas—sisters Lois from the Motown-era since 1967 and Delphine, since mid-1980’s.

Look back: Martha and the Vandellas performing their signature song “Dancing In The Street”, 1964

Also watch: Martha and the Vandellas performing “Nowhere to Run” on British TV show Ready Steady Go, 1965

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