Teen singer Brenda Lee peaks to No.1 at the US Hot 100 with “I’m Sorry”

The song remains one of the 1960’s biggest Pop classics

Teen singer Brenda Lee peaks to No.1 at the US Hot 100 with “I’m Sorry”

“I’m Sorry”, one of the biggest 1960’s Pop classics, was writen by Dub Allbritten and Ronnie Self for the teen singer Brenda Lee. Despite the Decca Records concern that a 15-year-old girl was not mature enough to sing about unrequited love, on May 30, 1960 it was released as a single backed with “That’s All You Gotta Do”. The song became Brenda Lee’s most popular hit, and was covered extensively by other artists, becoming also a country hit, though “I’m Sorry” was never released to country radio in the United States as a single but in time became accepted by American country fans as a standard of the genre. On July 18, 1960 “I’m Sorry” peaked to No.1 at the US Hot 100, resulting in Brenda Lee’s worldwide popularity as she became one of the earliest pop stars to have a major contemporary international following with her songs also being recorded by other artists around the world in different languages. A trivia fact about Brenda Lee is that she was once nicknamed “Little Miss Dynamite” at 12 years old when she first became popular in 1957 with the song “Dynamite”, was billed as a 32 year- old midget for publicity purposes due to her height, 4′ 11 (1.45 m).

Look back: Brenda Lee performs “I’m Sorry” in 1960

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