The Top 10 Sonic Youth Songs

“King Of Noise” Thurston Moore turns 65 today

The Top 10 Sonic Youth Songs

The acclaimed “kings of Noise” Sonic Youth were formed in New York, 1980 by Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo. The band’s classic and most famous line up consisted on the three founding members and drummer Steve Shelley who joined them in 1985. Thurston Moore, vocalist, guitarist and one of the main songwriters, created an unique guitar playing technique, which was initially a blend with Punk, Psychedelic Rock and Art Rock. With Lee Ranaldo, the guitar duo developed Sonic Youth’s signature sound that went on to influence bands such as Nirvana. Thurston and Kim Gordon were actually two of the responsible to drive Nirvana into the mainstream when they suggested them to David Geffen, who end up signing the Grunge band that went that same year of 1991 on tour with Sonic Youth. The band’s first release was the 1982 EP “Sonic Youth”, during throughout the 1980’s decade they walked on the opposite direction of the mainstream, becoming pioneers of modern Alternative Rock. It was during the early 1990’s, with the increasing popularity of Alternative Rock that Sonic Youth developed a bigger fan base worldwide, by releasing popular albums such as the 1990 “Goo”, 1992 “Dirt” and the 1994 “Experimental Jet Set Trash & No Star”.

Thurston Joseph Moore, 65, was born on July 25, 1958 in Coral Gables, Florida, U.S., he stated several times that his main early influences in music were New Wave British bands the Raincoats, the Slits, and Public Image Ltd. Moore married Sonic Youth’s bassist and also vocalist Kim Gordon in 1984, the couple, who divorced in 2011, have a daughter together, Coco Hayley Moore. Throughout his career of over 40 decades, Moore has also participated in many solo and group collaborations outside Sonic Youth, and currently leads a very active solo career. Check out the Top 10 most popular Sonic Youth songs

10 – “Tom Violence”, 1986

9 – “The Diamond Sea”, 1995

8 – “Teen Age Riot”, 1988

7 – “Kool Thing”, 1990

6 – “Death Valley ’69 (ft. Lydia Lunch)”, 1985

5 – “Sugar Kane”, 1992

4 – “Kill Yr Idols”, 1983

3 – “Dirty Boots”, 1990

2 – “Bull in the Heather”, 1994

1 – “100%”, 1992

Special mention: “Superstar”, 1994, tribute cover of the Carpenters

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