Paul Young gets his first and last Hot 100 No.1 in 1985 with “Every Time You Go Away”

Despite being Young’s most memorable song, it was originally recorded by a very famous American duo in 1980

Paul Young gets his first and last Hot 100 No.1 in 1985 with “Every Time You Go Away”

The 1980’s Pop classic “Every Time You Go Away” it’s British singer Paul Young signature song, and his biggest hit. But not too many people are aware that it’s actually a cover of a 1980 song by Hall & Oates. It was written and composed by Daryl Hall and originally appeared on Hall & Oates’s 1980 studio album, “Voices”, although it was not released as a single and didn’t generated a hit for the duo. In 1985, Paul Young successfully covered the song and included on his album “The Secret Of Association”. Released as a single in February 1985, it went on to become a smash hit for Young worldwide. On July 27 it peaked to No.1 on the U.S Hot 100, becoming one of the the only two top 10 hits he had in the United States. In the U.K, surprisingly only peaked to No. 4 but went No.1 on many other countries. “Every Time You Go Away” won British Video of the Year at the 1986 Brit Awards, he also performed it at the Live Aid in 1985. It remains his most memorable song.

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