10 of the best Sepultura songs with Max Cavalera

Celebrating the 53rd anniversary of Sepultura founder and former frontman Max Cavalera

10 of the best Sepultura songs with Max Cavalera

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on August 4, 1969, Max Cavalera remains one of the most popular Trash Metal and Metal singers and songwriters over the last 40 years. With his brother Igor, he formed Sepultura in 1984 and with their unique sound that blend hardcore punk, heavy metal, industrial metal and rock, the band quickly became popular in the Metal underground scene. Sepultura released their debut EP “Bestial Devastation” in 1985 and their first album “Morbid Visions” in 1987, regarded as a top classic of the Trash Metal genre. They established themselves as one of the most important bands in the scene with their next three albums, “Schizophrenia”, “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise”. In 1993, they released what’s also considered another Metal masterpiece “Chaos A.D.”, which sky rocketed their popularity due to some changes in their sound, making it more accessible to the general Rock fan instead of only the hardcore metal fan. Despite criticized by some of their early fans used to a heavier and less inclusive sound, the album earned Sepultura a world wide popularity with songs such as “Refuse/Resist” and “Territory”.
Their next album and the final with Max Cavalera was “Roots”, released in 1996 and where Sepultura distanced themselves even further from their original sound, experimenting with several different genres, mainly Brazilian folk music, native music and jungle beats blend into Metal. The album was highly influential on the undergoing development of the Nu Metal scene in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. After “Roots” Cavalera quit Sepultura, which continued without him with the American Derrick Green replacing Max. Cavalera went on to form Soulfly, that was closer in essence to the then current Nu Metal scene. He also collaborated with several other artists during that period, most notably in 2003 with former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl to produce “Red War” for the self-titled release of Dave Grohl’s metal project, Probot. He also as collaborated with Mike Patton, Tom Araya, David Ellefson, Ice-T and even Sean Lennon, among many others. Most recently, in 2007 he formed Cavalera Conspiracy, after his brother Igor, Sepultura’s drummer also quit the band. They released their debut “Inflikted” in 2008 and  their latest album “Psychosis” released in 2017. Today Max Cavalera turns 54, here’s 10 essential Sepultura songs.

10 – “Desperate Cry”, 1991

9 – “Attitude”, 1996

8 – “Inner Self”, 1989

7 – “Troops of Doom”, 1986

6 – “Slave New World”, 1993

5 – “Biotech is Godzilla”, 1993

4 – “Roots Bloody Roots”, 1996

3 – “Arise”, 1991

2 – “Refuse/Resist”, 1993

1 – “Territory”, 1993

Special mention: “Beneath The Remains”, 1989

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