In 1983 Dexy’s Midnight Runners top the charts with “Come On Eileen”

The song peaked to No.1 both in the UK and U.S charts, and is now regarded as a 1980’s absolute classic, but contrary to what it seems, Eileen was not about a girl

In 1983 Dexy’s Midnight Runners top the charts with “Come On Eileen”

One of the 1980’s biggest classics, “Come On Eileen” by the British band Dexy’s Midnight Runners was first released on June 25, 1982 backed with “Dubious”. The song, which was written by by Kevin Rowland, Jim Paterson and Billy Adams, contrary to what it seems, it’s not so much about a girl, but instead, according the band, a “composite, to make a point about Catholic repression”. The famous chorus line “Come on Eileen” was loosely inspired by the song “A Man Like Me” by the 1960’s British soul group Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. “Come On Eileen” was also included on the band’s album “Too-Rye-Ay”, and it peaked to No. 1 at the UK singles chart on August 7, 1982, becoming Dexy’s Midnight Runners second and last No.1, following “Geno” in 1980. It also peaked to No.1 in the U.S, remaining the band’s only Billboard Hot 100 No.1, as well as a smash hit all across Europe and other countries in the world. In 1983 “Come On Eileen” won Best British Single at the 1983 Brit Awards, and it also received further praise when in 2015 was voted by the British public as the nation’s sixth favorite 1980’s number one.

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