The Top 10 Antonio Banderas Movies

From Spain to Hollywood, Antonio Banderas is one of the world’s most prolific actors. We look back at his Top 10 movies today that he turns 63

The Top 10 Antonio Banderas Movies

José Antonio Domínguez Bandera was born in Málaga, Spain on 10 August 1960 and in the last three decades became one of the most prolific and important film actors in the world.
He began working in small shops during Spain’s post-dictatorial cultural movement known as the La Movida Madrileña where he caught the attention of Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. Soon Banderas became a regular feature in his movies throughout the 1980’s and by 1991, Madonna was introducing him to Hollywood.During the 1990’s he starred in several hit movies and today that he turns 63 we look back at his Top 10 movies.

10 – “Assassins”, 1995

9 – “Matador”, 1986

8 – “Evita”, 1996

7 – “Mujeres Al Borde de Un Ataque de Nervios”, 1988

6 – “The Legend of Zorro”, 2005

5 – “Interview with the Vampire”, 1994

4 – “Philadelphia”, 1993

3 – “¡Átame!”, 1990

2 – “Desperado”, 1995

1 – “La Ley Del Deseo”, 1987

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