Dar.Ra’s latest single “Cure For Jealousy (Extended Radio Edit) and EP “Blood N Tears” are exactly what fans would anticipate from a seasoned and gifted musician.

If you’re not familiar with Dar.Ra’s extended body of work, you’ll be pleased to have this introduction to his world

Dar.Ra’s latest single “Cure For Jealousy (Extended Radio Edit) and EP “Blood N Tears” are exactly what fans would anticipate from a seasoned and gifted musician.

Dar.Ra’s latest single and EP are exactly what fans would anticipate from a seasoned and gifted musician. The song “Cure For Jealousy (Extended Radio Edit”) is a masterful synthesis of genres like disco, new wave, rock, and synth-pop with the ideal degrees of mixing and production, which will immediately please your ears. The song “Cure For Jealousy” is included on Dar.Ra’s recently released EP “Blood N Treasure,” which also includes two versions of the song “No Time For Tears” and three distinct renditions of “Cure For Jealousy.”
There is a wonderful distinction between these two songs: “Cure for Jealousy” has a dance-oriented vibe, while “No Time for Tears (Extended Radio Mix)” is more of a lament song that switches into a different genre. Very few musicians are capable of achieving this level of versatility. While maintaining the atmosphere that the song is meant to convey, the Tsar Remix of “No Time For Tears” evolves into a more joyful mood. You’ll appreciate having this introduction to Dar.Ra’s universe if you aren’t already familiar with his extensive body of work. The EP “Blood N Tears” is a fantastic addition to his discography for those who are already admirers.

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Born in Ireland, Dar.Ra has surfed the game for a while now first signed in the 90’s at a young age to EMI under the guise of Taste Of Paradise who had a hit with a garage house track called ‘Reach Out’. After that he went to 21st Century Artists who put out another act of his called Bliss and another anthem called ‘New Dawn’ which featured on one of the first dance compilations Havin It In The UK Vol 1 / 2 to sell a over a million copies. Having gained an insight into the industry and worked with some cool names in the game he went on Tour to Australia and ended up staying there for 3 years producing Material for Festival, Mushroom and BMG remixing Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Tears For Fears as well as producing a hit for Australian and Ultra Love Machine track called ‘Sensual-Wonderland’. Back in The UK in the Naughties he set up Kusha Deep Records and released his first solo album under the Dar.Ra name called ‘Soul Hours’ which was supported by Press and Radio. Album of the week on Heart FM Spain with one of the tracks Haunted Dancehall featuring on a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. Dar.Ra played on BBC Radio Cambridge to a million people live when they connected up their Regional stations around the Midlands. Various EPs ‘Now Is Now’ and soundtrack to film Documentaries ‘City Of Hope’ have also done well which has lead to the recent album ‘New Kinda Normal’. A Rock N Roll tour de force which has seen three singles really make some movements happen in America.
Tracks have landed number 1 spots on Radio stations in the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV as well as front cover of Hype Magazine and loads of amazing press. The current single ‘Rock Steady’ is looking like breaking through the mainstream. A feat more amazing as its all from his own Kusha Deep label. Dar.Ra has also written two books under his full moniker Darragh J Brady ‘Road Tales’ and ‘The Night That Jimi Died’ which have also been given top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books. Expect more quality to come.

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