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The Hollywood founding father Cecil B. DeMille was born 142 years ago today: Take a look at five of his best movies

As Gloria Swanson famously said in “Sunset Boulevard”, “I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.” The legendary director and producer was born in 1881 and was the top man in Hollywood from the dawn of cinema until his death in 1959

The Hollywood founding father Cecil B. DeMille was born 142 years ago today: Take a look at five of his best movies

Born in Ashfield, Massachusetts on August 12, 1881, Cecil B. DeMille stands today as one of the founding fathers of the American cinema and Hollywood, remaining the most commercially successful producer-director in film history. DeMille started his career as a Vaudeville stage actor in 1900, but quickly moved to writing and directing stage productions. He was on the forefront at the dawn of cinema, and his first movie was “The Squaw Man” from 1914. The now historical silent movie, was the first feature film shot in Hollywood and it’s plot included a interracial love story, that made it commercially successful and it first publicized Hollywood as the world capital of cinema. As he prolifically released more successful movies, it led to the founding of Paramount Pictures, which still stands today as one of the most famous in the world. During his career in cinema, between 1914 and 1918, Cecil B. DeMille made a total of 70 features, both silent and sound films and was awarded several times, including two Academy Awards, an Honorary Award for “37 years of brilliant showmanship” in 1950 and a Best Picture award in 1953 for the acclaimed “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Additionally he was also nominated for the Best Director category at the 1953 Academy Awards for the same film and further nominated in the Best Picture category for the Epic “The Ten Commandments” at the 1957 Academy Awards. DeMille died of a heart attack at age 77 on January 21, 1959. He rests at the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery now known as Hollywood Forever. Here’s five essential Cecil B. DeMille movies to watch while celebrating the 142th anniversary of his birthday.

5 – “The King of Kings”, 1927

4 – “Male and Female”, 1919

“Samson and Delilah”, 1949

“The Greatest Show on Earth”, 1952

“The Ten Commandments”, 1956

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