Top 10 1990’s Defining Madonna songs

Between eroticism and mysticism

Top 10 1990’s Defining Madonna songs

After a successful decade that introduced her to the mainstream and put her on the throne of Pop music as the Queen, Madonna would seem to have a problem adapting to the new era of the 1990’s to match her previous success, but for her, this was a piece of cake. Keeping up with trends and always observing where the winds of the music industry were blowing, she started the decade with a string of hit songs and ended the decade with several others, between eroticism and mysticism, house music and pop, electronic and trip hop. We look back at her Top 10 most defining 1990’s songs.

10 – “Beautiful Stranger”, 1999

9 – “Deeper and Deeper”, 1992

8 – “Nothing Really Matters”, 1998

7 – “Rain”, 1993

6 – “Secret”, 1994


5 – “Ray of Light”, 1998

4 – “Frozen”, 1998

3 – “Justify My Love”, 1990

2 – “Erotica”, 1992

1 – “Vogue”, 1990



“American Pie”, 1999/2000

“I Want You” (with Massive Attack), 1995

“The Power of Good-Bye”, 1999


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