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Top 10 2000’s and 2010’s Defining Madonna songs

The Queen of Pop everlasting ruling

Top 10 2000’s and 2010’s Defining Madonna songs

Madonna’s last two decades of music might not have produced a string of iconic hit songs such as it did during the 1980’s and the 1990’s, but despite that, she remains on the top of the game as the indisputable Queen of Pop. We selected what we think are the 10 most defining 2000’s and 2010’s Madonna songs.

10 – “What It Feels Like for a Girl”, 2000

9 – “Jump”, 2005

8 – “Sorry”, 2005

7 – “Hollywood”, 2003

6 – “Die Another Day”, 2002

5 – “Love Profusion”, 2003

4 – “Don’t Tell Me”, 2000

3 – “American Life”, 2003

2 – “Hung Up”, 2005

1 – “Music”, 2000

Special Mention: “Rebel Heart”, 2015

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