1980’s TV heartthrob John Stamos turns 60

The “General Hospital” actor has successfully revived his popularity over the last two decades

1980’s TV heartthrob John Stamos turns 60

John Stamos was one of the 1980’s TV heartthrobs, which the popularity successfully transitioned into present day. The Greek descendence actor was born in Cypress, California on August 19, 1963 and came to prominence during the early 1980’s with the role of Blackie Parrish on the soap opera “General Hospital”, which earned him a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award in 1984. In the late 1980’s, ABC’s “Full House” solidified Stamos’s career as the series grew in popularity. The actor has also engaged in a side musical career since the 1980’s; as a big fan of The Beach Boys, he appeared in their 1988 music video “Kokomo” playing the both the conga drums and the steel drums. During the 1990’s Stamos career was still active but not with the same success has the previous decade, and now, over the last two decades, specially in the last 10 years, his popularity has been revived, with several appearances on hit tv series and a series of commercials for Dannon’s Greek yogurt brand Oikos. Currently, Stamos has reprise his role, as Dr. Nicky in the second season of the Netflix series, “You”. He also played a lead role in the now cancelled series. “Scream Queens” as the attractive Dr. Brock Holt. Aside of his acting career, John Stamos also is an activist and philanthropist, who since 2005, he has been the national spokesperson for Project Cuddle. He’s also a supporter of LGBT rights and Gay marriage, he stated that his role as a gay man in the 2006 TV movie “Wedding Wars” reflected his support for same-sex marriages.

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