Isaac Hayes, “the hot buttered soul” master

The legendary composer, producer and performer was born on this day in 1942

Isaac Hayes, “the hot buttered soul” master

Creative, talented and at times controversial, one of the biggest Southern Soul masters, Isaac Hayes was born on August 20, 1942 in Covington, Tennessee. During the 1960’s he was the main creative force behind the Southern soul music label Stax Records, where he served both as an in-house songwriter and as a session musician and record producer, Influenced by Percy Mayfield, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and psychedelic soul groups like The Chambers Brothers and Sly and the Family Stone, Hayes quickly caught the attention of music fans worldwide and the mainstream after the release of his album “Hot Buttered Soul” in 1969 and the also critically acclaimed “Black Moses” in 1971, and became a music star. At the same time, he also worked as a composer of musical scores for motion pictures, notably, his biggest hit on that field was the musical score for the 1971 film “Shaft”. He was awarded the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1972 for “the “Theme from Shaft”, becoming that way the third African-American, after Sidney Poitier and Hattie McDaniel, to win an Academy Award in any competitive field covered by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. That same year, he was also given his third Grammy for his album “Black Moses”. Isaac Hayes remained a relevant and important composer and performer until his death in 2002 at age 65 after a stroke. He left an important legacy that continues to inspire and influencing new generations.

Watch Isaac Hayes performing “Theme from Shaft” live in 1973

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