The Top 10 Clash Songs

Remembering The Clash lead singer Joe Strummer, born 71 years ago

The Top 10 Clash Songs

Joe Strummer, one of the leading figures of the Punk Rock movement, was born John Graham Mellor in Ankara, Turkey, on 21 August 1952. He formed The Clash in 1976 after a concert of the then still largely unknown Sex Pistols.In only one year The Clash became alongside with the Sex Pistols the most popular British Punk Rock band, first with core Punk songs such as “White Riot”, and later with an ecletic fusion of different styles that incorporated reggae, ska, dub, funk, rap, and rockabilly Joe Strummer died suddenly on 22 December 2002 in his home at Broomfield in Somerset, the victim of an misdiagnosed congenital heart defect aged 50.He fronted The Clash until they called it quit in 1986. Behind, The Clash left a valuable legacy in Rock music that remains fresh and continues to influence new generations and earning them new fans. Here’s the Top 10 Clash Songs

10 – “Career Opportunities”, from “The Clash” 1977

9 – “Tommy Gun”, from “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” 1978

8 – “Train in Vain”, from “London Calling” 1979

7 – “Rock the Casbah”, from “Combat Rock” 1982

6 – “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”, Single 1978

5 – “Straight to Hell”, from “Combat Rock” 1982

4 – “The Guns of Brixton”, from “London Calling” 1979

3 – “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, from “Combat Rock” 1982

2 – “White Riot”, from “The Clash” 1977

1 – “London Calling”, from “London Calling” 1979

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