The Bangles drummer Debbi Peterson turns 62

She also sang lead vocals on two of the band’s released singles

The Bangles drummer Debbi Peterson turns 62

The Bangles drummer Debbi Peterson was born on August 22, 1961 in Los Angeles, California. The younger sister of The Bangles guitarist and sometimes vocalist Vicki Peterson, Debbi is one of the most popular female Rock drummers of all time, she also sang lead vocals on two of The Bangles released singles, “Going Down to Liverpool” (1984) and “Be with You” (1989). After The Bangles split up in 1990, she started a solo career, however not with the same success as the popular 1980’s band. Over the years, The Bangles have reunited on and of, and recently they’ve reformed with most of the classic line up, including Peterson on drums. Today Debbi Peterson turns 62.

Watch the 1984 music video “Going Down to Liverpool” by The Bangles featuring lead vocals by Debbi Peterson. Also starring the video, “Star Trek” icon Leonard Nimoy

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