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The Beatles Last Photo Session

On August 22, 1969 in Tittenhurst Park, the Fab Four gathered together for their very last photo session

The Beatles Last Photo Session

On August 22, 1969, The Beatles gathered together for their very last photo session. At the time, nobody knew it was going to be the last time the Fab Four were going to be photographed together, but only a few months later, in 1970, they disbanded, never to reunite again in the same place. The now iconic photo sessions took place in the house and grounds of Tittenhurst Park, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s home in Sunninghill near Ascot and were photographed by Ethan Russell and Monte Fresco, with additional pictures taken by The Beatles’ assistant Mal Evans. Some film footage also was made and is thought to have been shown at the time on the BBC Two arts programme Late Night Line-Up on 19 September 1969, during an Abbey Road special. We’ve gathered together some of the last Beatles photos from that day.

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