Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård turns 47

Among his most popular roles are those of the vampire Eric in “True Blood” and Tarzan

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård turns 47

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård has became one of the most recognizable and popular actors over the two decades. The eldest son of also famed actor Stellan Skarsgård, was born in Stockholm, Sweden on August 25, 1976. He got his first acting role at age 7 on the Swedish film “Kalle Nubb in Åke och hans värld” (Åke and His World). In 1989 at age 13 he became a famous child actor in Sweden when he played the lead role on the film “Hunden som log” (The Dog That Smiled). However the young actor didn’t felt comfortable dealing with the sudden popularity and quit acting for seven years. After completing the military service in 1996 he left Sweden for England to study the English language. His big break came in 2001, when while on vacation in the United States, he auditioned for and landed the role of Meekus in the 2001 film “Zoolander”. Soon after he got the role of Sergeant Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill” which earned him worldwide fame. In 2004 Alexander did his most famous role yet when he played the vampire Eric Northman on the successful HBO TV Series “True Blood”. He initially auditioned was for the role of Bill Compton, which eventually went to Stephen Moyer and was instead cast as Eric Northman, a 1000-year-old, Viking vampire sheriff, local bar owner and potential love interest of heroine Sookie Stackhouse. The character became one of the series most memorable ones, but despite the success of the series it ended on Season 7 in 2014.In between Alexander also appeared in 2009 the music video for pop singer Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and in 2010 portrayed Terje, a gay Norwegian trekking to the North Pole, in the British mockumentary “Beyond the Pole”. Most recently he starred in the 2016 film “The Legend of Tarzan”, portraying the title character, and in the 2017 TV Series “Big Little Lies” for which he was awarded a Golden Globe. Alexander is a big football fan and supports Swedish team Hammarby IF, a club based in Stockholm, and in October 2010, he even participated in “Bajen Aid” by donating several items he had autographed and auctioned to raise money for that football club. He self-identifies as a feminist. The actor has five younger siblings and two half-brothers from his father’s second wife, several of them actors, being the most famous Bill Skarsgård who was cast as the horrific clown Pennywise on the blockbuster remake of “It” in 2017. Alexander who also models occasionally, turns 47 today.

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