“The Demon” Gene Simmons turns 74

An absolute Rock icon

“The Demon” Gene Simmons turns 74

Gene was born Chaim Witz  in Tirat Carmel, Haifa, Israel on August 25th 1949. His mother survived survived along with other family members internment in Nazi concentration camps. She migrated to the United States when Gene was a child while the father stayed in Israel. He became involved in music during the 60’s influenced by The Beatles. In the 70’s Gene formed KISS and they went on to become one of the biggest Rock bands in the world to this day. Gene, whose KISS character is The Demon, has composed, played bass and done lead vocals in some of the band’s best known hits including “Deuce”, “Rock and Roll All Nite”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “Christine Sixteen”, God of Thunder’ and “Cold Gin” among many others. Together with Paul Stanley he is the only founding member in the current line up of the band. He has also starred on reality TV over the years, and between 2018 and 2019 , after a few KISS shows in Europe he toured with his own band and also with KISS as well as part of the KISS Vault. Recently KISS has announced the end of their activity as a band and are on the road for the farewell shows. The Rock icon turns 74 today.

Watch KISS performing live one of Simmons signature songs “God Of Thunder” in 1999

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