In 1988 George Michael tops the Hot 100 for the sixth time with “Monkey”

The former Wham! had a string of solo hit singles during the 1980’s, specially from his 1987 debut solo album “Faith” that is only comparable to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston

In 1988 George Michael tops the Hot 100 for the sixth time with “Monkey”

Shortly after breaking up Wham!, George Michael released his debut solo album “Faith” in 1987. One of the best selling albums of all time, generating several hit singles for the singer songwritter, who then felt free to explore his musical creativity as well as maturity, despite his young age of only 24 but already with a successful music career behind him. One of those hit singles was “Monkey”, written by Michael and released on July 4, 1988 backed with an A’Capella version of the same song. The song was a big success in North America, particularly in the U.S and Canada where it reached the No.1 position in the charts. Curiously, it didn’t do as well in Europe as in the U.S. It debuted the Hot 100 on July 9 and reached the No.1 on August 27, 1988, becoming the fourth single from “Faith” to reach that position. Overall, George Michael had eight U.S No.1 singles during the 1980’s, a record only beaten by Michael Jackson. He joined Jackson and Whitney Houston as the only three artists who had four or more consecutive number one singles during the 1987–88 era, from one album, Jackson scored five number one hits from “Bad”, while Whitney Houston scored seven consecutive number-one hits from her first two albums. Sadly, they all also passed at a young age during the 2010’s. The official music video for the song was choreographed by Paula Abdul and comprises footage of George’s 1988 Faith tour.

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