“Music” goes number 1 in the U.K on this day in 2000

One of Madonna’s greatest hits

“Music” goes number 1 in the U.K on this day in 2000

The follow up to the very successful 1998 Madonna’s album “Ray Of Light” was “Music”, released on the 18th of September 2000. Whilst “Ray Of Light” was mainly an electronic music album, “Music” was a much more dance oriented, reflecting the trends of that period in the music industry, it became one of her best selling albums. On this day in 2000 the first single of the album, “Music”, hits number 1 in the U.K charts. It was first released on August 18th, 2 days after her 42nd birthday. The song remains one of Madonna’s biggest hits, the video of the song filmed in London, introduced Ali G, Sasha Baron Cohen’s character, to the world and boost his acting career. Check the video of “Music” bellow.

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