Former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera turns 53

One of Metal’s unique drummers

Former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera turns 53

One of Trash Metal’s most influential drummers, Igor Cavalera was born Igor Graziano Cavalera on September 4th, 1970 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Influenced by Queen after attending one of their shows, he formed the Trash Metal band Sepultura with his brother Max at only 13 years old. He mentions Roger Taylor from Queen, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo and The Police’s Stewart Copeland as some of his musical influences. Sepultura became quickly an international sensation among Metal fans, the band released their first full length album “Morbid Visions” in 1986 that included their first hit “Troops Of Doom”. Their next 3 albums 1987 “Schizophrenia” , 1989 “Beneath The Remains” and 1991 “Arise” are viewed as Metal classics and considered among their finest. In 1993 with the release of “Chaos A.D” they become one of the world’s most popular Metal bands. “Chaos A.D” marked a departure from their rougher early Death Metal/Trash Metal sound, although technically still a Trash Metal album, it features a more polished sound that includes a wider range of influences from Punk to Industrial Rock, the album’s most memorable songs are “Refuse/Resist”, “Territory”, “Biotech Is Godzilla” and “Slave New World”. Around this period Igor begun to include Tribal beats into his drumming which resulted later in the 1996 “Roots” album. In 1996 Max Cavalera leaves the band to form Soulfly, in 2006 Igor also quits Sepultura and forms the band Cavalera Conspiracy together with his brother Max, still active to this day. Cavalera is also half of Hip-Hop DJ duo Mixhell, a project he founded with his wife Laima Leyton.

Watch Igor performing with Sepultura two of their biggest hits “Refuse/Resist” and “Territory” Live at Monsters Of Rock, Donington 1994

Listen to some of Sepultura’s best tracks covering the 1986-1996 period compiled by Pop Expresso on Spotify

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