In 1976 Bee Gees went No.1 with “You Should Be Dancing”

The band claim their throne as kings of the Disco sound

In 1976 Bee Gees went No.1 with “You Should Be Dancing”

The Bee Gees went to No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘You Should Be Dancing’, from the album “Children of the World” on September 4th 1976. This would be the group’s third No.1 in the US after “Jive Talkin'” in 1975 and “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” in 1971. The song would also go on to hit No.1 in Canada No.5 in the UK and managed only to nick the top 20 in Australia, where the brothers spent a number of years in their youth. After their 60’s baroque and psychedelic pop hits, it was this song that launched the Bee Gees, into the then trendy Disco super stardom along with the movie soundtrack to “Saturday Night Fever”, that would include five more tracks by the trio. This would be the first chart topper in which Barry Gibb would use his now trademark falsetto. He had developed his falsetto to an unbelievable degree in the ten months since the release of “Baby As You Turn Away” from the album Main Course in which he sang a full song in falsetto for the first time.

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