The Sex Pistols Debut on TV

Anarchy in Manchester takes place for the first time on TV in 1976

The Sex Pistols Debut on TV


The Sex Pistols TV debut happened on the Manchester TV Show “So It Goes”, it was taped on August 28th, but wasn’t until September 4th that was broadcast. Presented by Tony Wilson. “So It Goes” is most famous for showcasing the then burgeoning punk rock movement. The Sex Pistols played a raw version of “Anarchy In The U.K” with Glen Matlock still on bass in one of their most memorable performances, introducing the band to a generation of future Punk Rock followers. The following year in 1977 the Pistols replaced Glen with Sid Vicious and released their first and only studio album “Nevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols” that went on to become Punk’s most famous record.

Look back at this iconic performance on the video bellow

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