Coolio blends Rap and Pop music fans together in 1995 with “Gangsta’s Paradise”

The song was an smash hit worldwide

Coolio blends Rap and Pop music fans together in 1995 with “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Rap music was never known to provide #1 hits internationally outside Rap charts, but this wasn’t the case for Coolio who in 1995 went No. 1 in several countries worldwide with “Gangsta’s Paradise” featuring L.V,  included on the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie “Dangerous Minds”. “The song hit No. 1 on this day, September 9th, 1995 in the Hot 100 charts, blending Rap and Pop music fans together. “Gangsta’s Paradise” was written by Coolio with its producer Doug Rasheed, with Stevie Wonder receiving writing credits for the sampling of his song “Pastime Paradise” from his album “Songs in the Key of Life”. The Stevie Wonder sample is the reason why this is one of few Coolio tracks without profanity, as Wonder would not allow it. Coolio would never repeat the same level of success he had with “Gangsta’s Paradise”, it remains today one of the 90’s most memorable songs and ranks 85 on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All-Time.

Watch the 1995 video of Coolio feat. L.V  for “Gangsta’s Paradise” 

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