“Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” turns 56 today!

One of the most popular Super-Heroes of all time

“Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” turns 56 today!

The first show to ever feature the pop culture phenomenon premiered on September 9, 1967, on the ABC television network and ran for a total of three seasons ( 52 episodes), entering into syndication during its final season in 1970. The series follows the same basic formula as the comic book Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man: fights crime in New York City usually against one of Spidey’s classic comic villains and is a rising star at The Daily Bugle newspaper. Animation and the writing are very “blah” by today’s standards, but the series did create a lasting musical influence with their theme song. The original song was composed by Academy Award winner Paul Francis Webster and Robert “Bob” Harris, recorded at RCA Studios in Toronto. “Spider-Man Theme” would go on to be covered by multiple artists including Michael Bublé, Aerosmith, The Distillers, The Mr. T Experience, Brian May, and the punk band Gilman Street. Watch the video below to hear the original “Spider-Man Theme” song.

By Ken Warren

Watch the original 1967 Spider-Man cartoon theme song

Article originally published by Ken Warren, 2017 for Spider-Man 50th Anniversary

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