KISS comes “alive” on this day in 1975

“Alive!” set a new standard for live albums, that Kiss and music fans alike consider one of the greatest live albums of all time

KISS comes “alive” on this day in 1975

“Alive” is the first live album, and fourth overall, by Kiss. Released on September 10, 1975, the double-disc set contains live versions of selected tracks from their first three studio albums, “Kiss”, “Hotter Than Hell” and “Dressed to Kill”. Kiss and music fans alike consider it one of the greatest live albums of all time. The band’s first three studio albums flopped on the charts and they weren’t getting much love on the radio either. With “Dress To Kill” being their biggest US Billboard album chart hitting only 32 and staying on for just 29 weeks. What Kiss did excel at is their live performances with their mystical makeup, pyrotechnics, and unflinching energy. “Alive!” would become Kiss’ breakthrough and possibly their finest moment, along with being one of the best live albums of all time. It’s like an introduction to live rock and roll music, complete with crowd interaction, interluding drum, and guitar solos and crystal clear sound quality. Unfortunately, after Kiss and producer Eddie Kramer listen to what they had recorded they found no performances that satisfied them. So the guys did what most bands do, go into the studio and fix it. Lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley explained it in his book: “Yes, we enhanced it – not to hide anything, not to fool anyone. But who wanted to hear a mistake repeated endlessly? Who wanted to hear an out-of-tune guitar? For what? Authenticity?” Even though the “Alive!” is not one hundred percent alive for my money is still one of the best kiss records ever made.

By Ken Warren, 2018

Side 1
1 “Deuce”
2 “Strutter”
3 “Got To Choose”
4 “Hotter Than Hell”
5 “Firehouse”

Side 2
6 “Nothin’ To Lose”
7 “C’mon And Love Me”
8 “Parasite”
9 “She”

Side 3
10 “Watchin’ You”
11 “100,000 Years”
12 “Black Diamond”

Side 4
13 “Rock Bottom”
14 “Cold Gin”
15 “Rock And Roll All Nite”
16 “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll”

Paul Stanley: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ace Frehley: lead guitar, backing vocals
Gene Simmons: bass guitar, vocals
Peter Criss: drums, vocals

Recorded during: May 16, 1975, June 21, 1975, July 20, 1975, July 23, 1975, Live in Detroit, Michigan: Cleveland, Ohio; Wildwood, New Jersey; and Davenport, Iowa
Produced by: Eddie Krammer
Release Date: September 10th, 1975
Label: Casablanca

“Rock and Roll All Nite” Released: October 14, 1975

Strongest tracks:

“Deuce”, “Rock And Roll All Nite”, “100,000 Years”, “Black Diamond”, “Strutter”, “She”

Watch KISS playing “Rock And Roll All Nite” live in 1975

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