The Culture Club drummer Jon Moss turns 66

He became worldwide famous as the drummer for Culture Club, but the drummer of songs such as “Karma Chameleon” and former Boy George romantic partner actually came from a strong Punk Rock background prior joining the Culture Club that included many famous Punk bands

The Culture Club drummer Jon Moss turns 66

Jon Moss became worldwide famous as the drummer for British 1980’s Pop band Culture Club, but what many don’t know is that the drummer of songs such as “Karma Chameleon” actually came from a strong Punk Rock background prior joining the Culture Club. Jon was born in Clapham Jewish Boys Home at Wandsworth, South London, and was adopted at the age of six months. Growing up, he actually thought about following the sports career, developing a fascination for boxing, but came to the conclusion a professional sports career wasn’t the best for his life, especially, because at that same time he was also learning how to play several instruments and developing an interest in music and a possible artistic career. It was at the peak of the British Punk movement, in 1976, that Moss professional music career started, when he joined the Punk band London in 1976, after trying to drum with The Clash for a while, which didn’t worked out, according to Moss due to “The mix of personalities didn’t work. Their attitudes were too different to mine.” In 1977, Jon Moss joined another famous band from the Punk Rock movement, The Stranglers, and toured with them during that year, earning a record deal. However, that didn’t last too, and he became a drummer for another famous Punk band, The Damned, replacing their original drummer Rat Scabie. As the 1970’s were coming to an end, he left the Damned and formed his own band, Edge, that had more of the then trendy post-punk/new romantic music influence. The Edge didn’t last long though, and Moss joined another famous band as a drummer, before their commercial success, Adam and the Ants, playing on their third single “Cartrouble”. Finally Moss found his definitive place in a band when he was advised by a friend that Boy George was looking for a drummer for his band. At the time, Boy George was also a popular semi-celebrity in the Punk Rock/Goth Rock underground scene of London. The band, originally named Praise, had it’s name changed by Moss to Culture Club, in reference to the various ethnic backgrounds of the members. It didn’t took long until the band who fusion New Wave with Pop, Electronic and sometimes Reggae to make it big. In 1982 with the breakthrough single “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?”, the Culture Club climbed the music charts worldwide, caught in a sudden success with a string of hit singles including “Karma Chameleon”, “Time (Clock of the Heart)”, “The War Song”, “It’s A Miracle”, “Victims” and “Church of the Poison Mind” among many others.

Watch the 1982 music video “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” by the Culture Club

Their first three albums, “Kissing to Be Clever” from 1982, “Colour by Numbers” 1983 and “Waking Up with the House on Fire” 1984, were best sellers and earned several awards. Their second album “Colour by Numbers” was a number one in several countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Canada, and No.2 in the United States. But with success and fame came also excess as lead singer Boy George started to sink down deeper in drug addiction. Moss, who is bisexual, was at the time in a secret relationship with Boy George, which lasted until the band broke up in 1986, still scoring a final, but minor, hit with “Move Away”. As Culture Club disbanded Boy George followed a solo career and Moss got involved with several other music projects of his own and collaborating with other artists.
Culture Club reunited in 1998 scoring a hit with “I Just Wanna Be Loved”, but disbanded once again soon after. In 2011 was rumored that Jon Moss was involved with a new reunion, that included a new album and a world tour, but he end up not participating on it. In 2014, the band reformed once again and announced a tour and a new album, “Tribes”, that end up being shelved. They released a new one “Life” in 2018. Also in 2018 Culture Club toured the US and Europe, however, Moss was originally part of the line-up, left the US tour and did not participate in the European leg, some rumor say that Moss and George still have unsolved issues due to their past relationship, which makes them work together harder.

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