Remembering Anthony Perkins

The iconic “Psycho” actor died 31 years ago

Remembering Anthony Perkins

31 years ago today, the actor Anthony Perkins, passed away due to AIDS-related pneumonia. The actor was best known for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and its three sequels. But have you seen “Pretty Poison”, “Friendly Persuasion”, “Murder on the Orient Express”, or “The Trial”? Those films will give you a more developed picture of Oscar-nominated Anthony Perkins, talent and range. Do yourself a favor and seek out a few other films, you will see that “that guy from Psycho” was actually more than just that. On September 12th, 1992 the world has lost a talented actor that still had much more to give to it.

Article originally published by Ken Warren, 2017 for the 25th Anniversary of Anthony Perkins death

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