Which Golden Girl are you?

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Which Golden Girl are you?

On September 14, 1985, TV audiences first met this sassy and classy Miami foursome, who have gained even more fans over the years via syndicated reruns. So get the cheesecake!

By Ken Warren, 2017

What quality do you look for in a mate?

What is your favorite holiday?

What's your favorite social media site?

Pick a show to binge watch:

What's your dream vacation location?

What's your favorite classic movie?

Which Disney princess is your favorite?

What's your favorite Season?

What is your spirit animal?

Pick a book to read:

Which Golden Girl are you?
Sophia Petrillo

You Got Sophia Petrillo
Blanche Devereaux

You Got Blanche Devereaux
Dorothy Zbornak

You Got Dorothy Zbornak
Rose Nylund

You Got Rose Nylund

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