When Jim Morrison “died” in Amsterdam and The Doors performed as a trio

During The Doors European Tour in 1968 Jim Morrison collapsed due to a drug overdose and was rushed to the hospital with no vital signs

When Jim Morrison “died” in Amsterdam and The Doors performed as a trio

On September 15th, 1968 Jim Morrison was literally brought from dead after a whole day of careless excess. The Doors started their first European Tour at the Roundhouse in London on September 7th, 1968, one week later the band roamed to Amsterdam, Holland, to play the Concertgebouw.  The band was touring with other West Coast band, the Jefferson Airplane, and as Grace Slick recalls, shortly before the concert some members of both bands went for a walk in the city where they were recognized and offered several different types of drugs. Slick remembers Morrison accepting and taking everything in the spot, from pills to bars of hash (just a few hours before arriving to Amsterdam Morrison had swollen a whole bar of Hash at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany). When the Jefferson Airplane took the stage that night, a very intoxicated Jim Morrison invaded their act and started to dance until he suddenly collapsed. Morrison was taken to backstage and a doctor was called to the scene as he wasn’t breathing or showing any vital signs. He was rushed to the hospital where he gained his senses back. The Doors however didn’t cancelled the concert, instead they decided to go on as a trio with the amazing Ray Manzarek taking the lead vocals along with keyboards and bass. Jim Morrison’s lifestyle eventually would catch up with him, 3 years later he died in Paris at age 27.

Watch a clip of The Doors performing as a trio in Amsterdam 1968, after the incident

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