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The singer-songwriter Richard Marx turns 60 today

Marx rose to worldwide success during the late 1980’s with the ballad “Right Here Waiting”

The singer-songwriter Richard Marx turns 60 today

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, singer-songwriter Richard Marx ruled the charts with his easy listen Rock and Pop music, and today, despite not having the same popularity worldwide he had back then, he still holds the record for the sales and chart positions of some of his albums and singles. Richard Marx was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 16, 1963. Growing up he was a musically gifted child, and during the 1980’s, still at a very young age he started to write songs for artists such as Kenny Rogers, but his success as a songwriter was not immediately followed by his success as a singer to his own songs. and his demo tape was rejected by every label in Hollywood. But at age 25 in 1987,he finally released his self-titled debut album that sold nearly four million copies in the U.S but didn’t made such a buzz worldwide as his next, the best selling that sold over 30 million records. He had a stream of hit singles during the late 1980s and 1990s, including “Endless Summer Nights”, “Right Here Waiting”, “Now and Forever”, a murder ballad “Hazard”, and “At the Beginning” with Donna Lewis. “Repeat Offender”, released in 1989, the album rose to #1 on Billboard’s album chart and went triple platinum within a few months selling over 5 million copies in the United States alone and launching his international career, mainly due to the singles “Satisfied” and his signature song and most memorable one “Right Here Waiting”. Such career accomplishments placed Marx in the record books by being the first solo artist to have his first seven singles hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 and 4. His third album, “Rush Street” released in 1991 already suffered the consequences of Alternative Rock’s rising popularity in the mainstream airplay and music charts, but still produced hits including the ballad “Hazard”.1994 was perhaps the last year Richard Marx’s international success was felt, with the released of the album “Paid Vacation” that featured one of his best known songs “Now and Forever”. As the music scene was changing again towards the 1990’s, Marx kept releasing new music and writing for other artists. In recent years he has also appeared in several reality TV shows and he released his latest album in 2022, “Songwriter ”

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