Lita Ford turns 65 today!

The former Runaways singer and ultimate 80’s Metal chick joined the all-female rock band the Runaways at 16 and had a successful solo career during the 1980’s

Lita Ford turns 65 today!

Lita Ford, born Lita Rossana Ford on September 19th, 1958 in London, England, together with her English father and Italian mother, she moved to the United States when she was in second grade.She joined the all-female rock band the Runaways at 16 and the band became a successful recording and touring act during the late 70’s and broke up in 1979. During the 1980’s Ford signed with RCA Records, hired Sharon Osbourne Management, and re-emerged with a more radio-friendly pop-metal sound. In 1988, she released her most commercially successful album, the self-produced Lita. The album featured several singles including “Kiss Me Deadly”, “Back to the Cave”, “Close My Eyes Forever” (in duet with Ozzy Osbourne), and “Falling In and Out of Love”. Despite the success of “Lita”, her popularity decreased during the 1990’s. Today Lita Ford’s music activity is low key in comparison to her late 70’s and 80’s heyday. In 2016 she published her autobiography “Living Like A Runaway, a Memoir”. Rolling Stone called the book ““Fearless. … A vivid account of life as ‘the one-and-only guitar-playing rocker chick who could shred like I did.’ … A fast-paced read… and an inspiring one.”

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