Deep Purple “Hush” debuts on No.4 in 1968

One of the band’s best selling singles and hits

Deep Purple “Hush” debuts on No.4 in 1968

“Hush” is a song written by American composer and musician Joe South, for recording artist Billy Joe Royal in 1967, but it’s mostly famous for Deep Purple’s version, which became the band’s first hit single when it reached No. 4 on Hot 100 in 1968. By then Deep Purple hadn’t start yet to develop the Hard Rock sound that they would pursued during the next decade, which eventually would make them famous, their 1968 debut album “Shades Of Deep Purple” where “Hush” is included. revolves around Psychdelic Rock. Although the album was not commercially successful, “Hush” was a major best selling single for the band and brought their name to the spotlight. In 1968, Hugh Hefner introduced Deep Purple who performed “Hush” live in Playboy After Dark TV show famous appearance, after Hefner heard a ghost story from Jon Lord and had a guitar lesson from Ritchie Blackmore.

Watch the complete “Hush” performance in 1968 by Deep Purple live in Playboy After Dark TV show

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