It’s Hard Rock Legend David Coverdale Birthday

The frontman of Whitesnake and a former Deep Purple turns 72 today

It’s Hard Rock Legend David Coverdale Birthday

David Coverdale was born on September 22nd, 1951 in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. In 1973, Coverdale saw an article in a copy of Melody Maker, which said that Deep Purple was auditioning for singers to replace Ian Gillan. Coverdale had fronted a local group called The Government, which had played with Deep Purple on the same bill in 1969, so he and the band were familiar with one another, and after sending a tape and later auditioning, Coverdale was admitted into the band, with bassist Glenn Hughes adding his own vocals as well. After some successful years with the band where he also was able to make a name for himself, he launched a short-lived solo career in 1977, and he founded his own band Whitesnake in 1978. Their first hit was “Fool for Your Loving” in 1980 from the album ” Ready an’ Willing” which was followed was followed up by the even more successful “Come an’ Get It” in 1981. Whitesnake had a string of Hard Rock hits during the 1980’s among it “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again” which was originally released in the 1982 album “Saints & Sinners” but became a worldwide hit when it was re-recorded in 1987. During the 90’s Coverdale collaborated with former Zeppelin Jimmy Page and in the early 2000’s went back shortly to a solo career. Currently, Coverdale and Whitesnake are active and touring despite breaking up several times throughout the years and the member line up changes.

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