David Bowie releases “Heroes” in 1977

The song stands as one of the most influential Bowie tracks

David Bowie releases “Heroes” in 1977

“Heroes” is a product of Bowie’s experimental “Berlin” period, the track was not a huge hit in the UK or US at the time, but went on to become one of Bowie’s signature songs. Released on September 23rd, 1977, “Heroes” was written by Brian Eno and Bowie and produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, the title of the song is a reference to the 1975 track “Hero” by German krautrock band Neu! Producer Tony Visconti took credit for inspiring the image of the lovers kissing “by the wall”, when he and backing vocalist Antonia Maass embraced in front of Bowie as he looked out of the Hansa Studio window. The quotation marks in the title of the song, a deliberate affectation, were designed to impart an ironic quality on the otherwise highly romantic, even triumphant, words and music. An undulating juggernaut of guitars, percussion, and synthesizers surround the song’s distinctive sound. “Heroes” was released in a variety of languages and lengths including German and French but only reached number 24 in the UK charts, and failed to make the US Billboard Hot 100.  The B-Side was one of the “Heroes” albums instrumentals, “V-2 Schneider”. The song stands as one of the most influential Bowie tracks and has been covered several times by artists of several musical genres.

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