“That’ll Be The Day” Hits No. 1 in 1957

One of Buddy Holly’s signature songs and an absolute Rock classic

“That’ll Be The Day” Hits No. 1 in 1957

“That’ll Be The Day” it’s one of Buddy Holly’s signature songs and the version with his band The Crickets which was released in September 1957 climbed to the top of the charts on this day in 1957, it was written by Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Norman Petty. Along with other songs, Holly scored a string of hits between 1957 and 1959 with “Peggy Sue”, “Everyday”, “Words Of Love”, “Maybe Baby”, “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” and “Rave On”. Buddy died on February 3, 1959 aged only 22, in a plane crash together with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper in what came to be known as “The Day The Music Died”.

Look back at Buddy Holly & The Crickets performing “That’ll Be The Day” on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1957

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